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Hello, my name is Kris Light and this is my Massage Therapy website. I attended MTI (Massage Therapy Institute) in Decatur, Al. in 2000 and received my massage therapy license in 2001....around 15 years ago!  My mother purchased a one hour massage gift certificate for my 15th birthday. Therefore, I received my first professional massage at an early age of 15.  It was different, I never had experienced anything like it...the serene atmosphere, the music, some of the scents, and of course the therapeutic value of one human being helping another human being through healing touch.  Massage therapy may not be for everyone, but I knew instantly it WAS for me.  

    As I have matured as a human being and also as a professional, I have come to believe that I am truly blessed to be in my field.  I love my job because I get to help people have better quality life.  I also believe in providing a quality service at a competitive rate.  I want people to feel that their hard earned money was well spent and that their particular needs were addressed.  Tired of struggling with sore muscles, aches, and pains?  Massage Therapy may be exactly what you didn't know was missing in your continues to change my life for the better after 25 years!!

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Experiencing a reduction in pain can give you or someone you care for-

"that maybe i don't always have to hurt the way i do."